Tracie Stafford For Assembly District 9 Ballot Statement - Tracie Stafford for Assembly

Assembly District 9: Elk Grove · Galt · Lodi · South Sacramento

Tracie Stafford For Assembly District 9 Ballot Statement

December 6, 2019
250 words allowed
243 as written

An iron skillet became our family’s symbol of fighting back when my grandmother used it to protect herself from a violent husband, ending her abuse. Sadly, it was not the end of abuse in our family, as both my mother and myself had to overcome domestic violence and worse.

But the skillet was our symbol. We overcame when we said, “enough.”

When it comes to our failed politics – I say “enough.”

My tool to fight back isn’t a skillet, it is more powerful. My tool is the ballot box and I am going to use it to fight for a government that fights for us.

I am an elected progressive Democratic Leader, an advocate for survivors of domestic violence, the first in my family to graduate college, a wife, mother and a small businesswoman. I am standing up to the broken politics that lets giant corporations corrupt our politicians with campaign cash.

As your representative I will fight for:

A California Green New Deal that lifts families into the middle class as we create new jobs reversing climate change and preventing wildfires.

Protecting our communities with foundational investments in breaking the cycle of incarceration and recidivism with job training and equal opportunity.

Ending unfair evictions and building more affordable housing.

Universal and affordable healthcare for all.

Quality public education for every community.

We marched after Trump was elected. Let’s not stop until we make our government work for us.

Please join us

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