Platform - Tracie Stafford for Mayor

Assembly District 9: Elk Grove · Galt · Lodi · South Sacramento


My Vision for Elk Grove

The city of Elk Grove has created a solid general plan.  However, the plan lacks an overall vision. Without a clear vision, we will continue to execute individual projects creating a larger version of the disconnected community in which we now live.

Elk Grove is organically a bedroom community.  Tens of Thousands of families like my own, relocated from highly congested and expensive regions for a better quality of life and effective schools. Although we sleep and educate our children here, we work and spend money elsewhere. It is my goal to embrace and preserve the rich history and rural areas of Elk Grove, while increasing the amenities such as live theater, the arts, fine dining, shopping and entertainment. 

If elected, I will work to make Elk Grove a city where we work, shop and play.

Improve the Elk Grove Economy

The majority of the general fund is generated by sales tax.  Due to the lack of high paying jobs and amenities, Elk Grove residents shop and seek entertainment elsewhere. To address this issue I will:

  • Work closely with Visit Elk Grove to create a sustainable vision for Elk Grove through surveys, community events, rountable sessions, secret shopper programs and research of surrounding cities.
  • Laser focus on recruiting industries/jobs that are most valuable to the overall vision.
  • Add a goal that 50% of new jobs be at 80% of median income or better.
  • Create and fund a small business incubator for new, fledgling and small business.
  • Create a high risk loan program/foundation for startup and expanding businesses unable to qualify for traditional or small business loans.
  • Identify barriers to success and propose solutions, which I expect to include infrastructure changes, increasing public transportation and an expansion of the arts (theater, dance etc..) along with fine dining and entertainment.
  • Although unemployment is relatively low in Elk Grove at 4.6%, underemployment is a large concern and incidents of homelessness are increasing. The city would benefit greatly by bringing workforce development services to Elk Grove. I would work to ensure that end.

Increase Transparency & Community Involvement

  • Publish 500 word statements outlining the rationale for each decision made to foster trust and ensure transparency.
  • Actively promote committee openings and offer workshops focused on the appointment process to ensure diverse representation.
  • Develop a marketing/PR campaign to encourage community involvement and bridge the gap between city officials, old Elk Grove residents and Laguna residents.
  • Offer quarterly Mayor Mixers.
  • Offer quarterly Youth (Teen & Millennial) Mayor Mixers.
  • Offer Quarterly 5-minute speed meeting with key city leaders & citizens 1:1.
  • Offer an annual community picnic with city officials and staff.

Reduce Violent Crime and Increase Safety and Home

61% of violent crime in Elk grove is Domestic Violence Related. Although the Elk Grove Police Department contains a Domestic Violence Unit with support from WEAVE, only prevention services will reduce occurrences of abuse.

  • Create or bring in an Elk Grove based organization focused on Awareness and Prevention of Domestic Violence and other related issues.
  • Increase sensitivity training requirements for first responders to assist in the identification of potential abuses.
  • Expand the neighborhood watch program and educate volunteers on the issues and how to recognize abuse.


Expand our Grassroots efforts

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