Platform - Tracie Stafford for Assembly

Assembly District 9: Elk Grove · Galt · Lodi · South Sacramento


Over the past 20 years, Elk Grove has welcomed over 100,000 new residents, however, its governance has not changed. The priority has remained land use with limited consideration for the existing community. As a result, we have experienced traffic congestion, crime, high cost of living, low wage jobs, increased homelessness, racial tension and limited resources for teens and seniors. It is time for Elk Grove to grow into a sustainable, economically sound and resident-focused community with a vision that creates prosperity and high quality of life for all.

Community First

Politics is the business of people. To that end, we must change our focus to address the needs of the current community. Plans have been created to reduce crime through community policing, expand youth engagement through partnerships and collaborations, address homelessness utilizing proven initiatives, reduce racial tension through top-down citywide initiatives focus on equity and inclusion.

Smart Growth

We need an economy that works for everyone in the community. Local traffic congestion is a direct result of the prioritization of homebuilding over job creation and the other community infrastructure we need to support a growing population. We need to expand career opportunities for people in the community by building a strong local economy and take a leading roll in the regional economy.

Government Reform

Our community has grown tremendously over the past 20 years, yet its governance has not changed. We must increase representation and transparency in our community through by-district voting and robust contribution and term limits that ensure each member of our community is heard.

Expand our Grassroots efforts

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