Issues - Tracie Stafford for Assembly

Assembly District 9: Elk Grove · Galt · Lodi · South Sacramento


The government exists to protect the vulnerable and to ensure that that each individual has the opportunity to flourish in a strong economy. I will fight to ensure that all my constituents have access to Five Foundational requirements needed for success: Quality Education, Affordable Housing, Liveable Wage Jobs, Affordable Healthcare, Equity and Justice

However, the best social policies mean nothing in the shadow of ecological disaster. I will help our communities achieve the Foundational Five by shepherding in a California Green New Deal that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by  shifting away from the use of fossil fuels toward investments in transit and renewable sources of energy like wind and solar power.

Quality Public Education in Local Schools

I will fight to ensure that local schools receive their fair and equitable share of funding to prepare all students for 21st Century careers.

Education is the great equalizer, but all students must have access to a high-quality education for it to fulfill its promise. I am committed to supporting education at all stages – preschool, grade school, and college.

Because investment in early childhood education pays dividends throughout the life of a student, I support efforts to make preschool free and universal to every child in the state.

I also support a reasonable reform of revenue collection that closes tax loopholes for corporations and wealthy investors so they pay their fair share toward the public good.

I support a path to debt-free college and trade schools so that both career-bound and college-bound students have access to higher education. I also support student loan reduction and forgiveness programs to encourage students to pursue advanced degrees that will prepare them to be the doctors, engineers, and civic leaders California needs to be a global leader. 

Affordable and Safe Housing for All

I am committed to ensuring that every person in our district has access to safe housing at a price they can afford. The state must follow through on its role to hold local governments accountable to plan and zone for housing for all income levels. I will also fight to make sure all neighborhoods have access to good jobs, schools, parks, and libraries.

I support allowing local communities to implement limits on rent increases, and believes that landlords should have a good reason for displacing tenants. I also believe that landlords should not be allowed to discriminate against “Section 8” Housing Choice voucher users.

I also support efforts to address the statewide homeless crisis. I support “housing first” solutions that get a roof over someone’s head so that they can be successful in addressing mental or physical health issues they may have, which will enable them to get back on their feet.

Economic Growth that Uplifts All Residents

I will work to transform our local economy into one that offers good-quality jobs for all workers as it shifts toward environmental sustainability.

As an employee who rose through the corporate ranks, as well as an entrepreneur and small business owner, I understand the challenges that both businesses and workers face in the coming decades. 

I believe that every person should be able to earn a living that allows them to thrive, not just survive. I will fight for policies that protect the social safety net, provide job training, and ensure a living wage for employees. I also support the efforts of organized labor to protect and expand workers’ rights, including workers in the gig economy.

I support a California Green New Deal that lifts working families into the middle class by creating an economy that shifts away from our petroleum-based economy to clean and renewable sources of energy. I will work to foster innovative tech incubators and support for small businesses and entrepreneurs. This new economy will not only create new jobs, but will slow the effects of climate change.

Access to High-Quality Healthcare

I have seen first-hand how our for-profit system lets individuals slip through the cracks. I believe that health outcomes shouldn’t be determined by wealth or status. I support a Universal Healthcare system such as single payer which would include benefits such as medical, dental vision, hearing, prescription drugs, mental health treatment, addiction treatment and rehabilitation and long-term nursing home care.

The California Surgeon General has discussed findings that persistent exposure to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) such as abuse, neglect, and other trauma negatively impact the brain, the immune system, and even DNA, leading to increased risk of heart disease, cancer, and other serious health problems. I will ensure that medical practitioners, teachers, counselors, social workers, and other adults who interact with our children are able to identify signs of ACEs and have the tools to disrupt cycles of violence in our homes, streets, and neighborhoods. A modest investment in protecting the health of children will pay enormous dividends by improving long-term health and well-being.

Equity and Justice for All

I envision a future in which our communities are safe and welcoming for all people, regardless of income, gender, race, nationality, orientation, or age.

I run a consulting firm that trains organizations and individuals to recognize their biases and transform their thinking to be more inclusive and empowering of people from difference races, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds. I will support policies that ensure all people have equal access to opportunity.

I have a long history of fighting to empower women. I support pay equity and a woman’s right to choose when and if to have children.

As a survivor of domestic violence, I know the life-long impacts of abuse. That is why I have spent a decade working to combat domestic violence by sharing my story with the California Legislature, law enforcement, and fellow survivors of abuse. I also advocated for reauthorization of the federal Violence Against Women Act. I support policies that teach domestic violence prevention and that support individuals fleeing abuse.

I support the criminal justice reform movement that has reduced the number of people languishing in prison. I believe that ending mass incarceration and racial disparity in the criminal justice system is essential to ending the marginalization of communities of color and is an important step in unraveling our legacy of racial inequality.

I support policies that expand evidence-based educational programs in jails and prisons. Such programs have proven to be effective in reducing recidivism.

I also support restorative justice practices, which aim to repair the harm caused by crime through accountability, making amends, and — if the parties are interested — facilitated meetings between victims, offenders, and other impacted people

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